“Activity and rest are two vital aspects of life. To find a balance in them is a skill in itself. Wisdom is knowing when to have rest, when to have activity, and how much of each to have. Finding them in each other – activity in rest and rest in activity – is the ultimate freedom.” ~ ― Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

At Rest...

I have a friend who openly laughs at me. Now, some may find this cruel…but I find it endearing, honest and necessary. She laughs at me for saying things that are in direct and absolute contrast to the space I am in. When I smile and say “I’m fine…” She knows that this is my coping strategy. I shared with her forever ago that when I say “I’m fine” it merely means I cannot bring myself to admit I am: Furious. Insecure. Neurotic. and Emotional. I can however say I am Fine.

Having these people in your life is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. Odds are you serve the equal purpose in their lives. We need those out there who not only “get” us, but can sympathize, empathize and truly shake us until our heads roll across the floor. But they also love us enough to walk over…pick our heads up and screw them back on correctly. Then hug us because they know we need a hug, but we would never ask for one. We are fine.

I’ve been making Santas for five years now. In many ways that seems like an eternity, and in some it seems like last week I was preparing to leave my big girl office job that I LOVED to be a stay at home Mommy for Ansley. It’s so hysterical to look back over choices and consequences isn’t it?

Sort of like trying to navigate a land mine from a map drawn out of crayon. You choose what you choose based on what you know (or think you know) and once you sit there for a moment…baby screaming but house sparkling, you realize…I am SO not stay at home Mommy material. KABOOM!!!

Yea. Funny huh? Then you twirl and whirl and for a variety of reasons you create an alternative plan. That was really what the Santas began as, Plan B. I never once in a blue trillion years would have thought I would have loved Plan B as much as I have.

It took me to places I never thought I’d go. I met people I knew nothing about in my prior lives and then couldn’t imagine not knowing them for the rest of this life. I made connections, end roads and a name for myself all from a secondary choice, a happenstance, and a consequence. But nothing in life ever comes without a cost, and when you turn to the left, instead of the right, Life readjusts its sails as well. Sometimes you find yourself off course. KABOOM!!!

I sometimes forget when I get bogged down in the details of being a Santa Girl, that the end results are truly what make it worthwhile though. The last seven Santas we made this year were Memory Santas. Each had a story, a box, a letter…a personal embodiment and a survivor(s). This was more than decor’….this was more than a present….this was a gift, and they all needed to be perfect. I needed to find the 25th hour of the eighth day in the 13th Month.

Cue the laughter from my friend.

By the end of the year after pouring my heart and soul into each of those Santas, I had used all my Ju-Ju, I had ridden the emotional roller coaster till my tickets ran out and one by one, I kissed them goodbye and delivered them to their new homes. I worried over them, I prayed over them and I crossed my fingers, eyelashes and toes that they did justice to the people they were made to honor.

I was spent, back up against a wall of the time of year that is already difficult for me on the best of days…Truly, for the first time in five years, I had nothing left. I was so very, very fine.

But then, as fate has it…the rescue comes. The breath of life into my dusty soul. The phone rings and someone tells me their story. The heartfelt emails that make me cry because it came with a picture of someone who had received the object of my labor…their Santa, their loved one, their memory. I sit and read over the words like they are voices in my head…dancing around, clearing the cobwebs, drawing back the curtains and once again letting the light shine that had almost extinguished itself.  This time however I was strangely okay with that. It was fine.

We all make our choices based on what we know to be true at that moment. There are always extenuating circumstances, some more than others, but we weigh our options and place our bets on what we believe we can achieve and hope for the best. Choices change, circumstances change, outcomes, options and reasons all change. The secret is to continue on no matter what.

There will be moments when you land safely and build up the courage and faith to take the next step. Don’t ever get too confident, there will be the KABOOM moments, they are equally as important. Regroup, recover, and reset your direction and try again…continuing on.

Rest assured, all in the end will be fine.





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To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often. ~ Winston Churchill


I am looking at the beginning of this new year in a much different way than I have any other in the past. I believe that is how I have determined growth.

I no longer am vowing to “change” or to “revamp” my life, my parenting, my attitude or the size of my behind. For once, I am satisfied, I am loved, I am blessed beyond measure and certainly more than I deserve.

I am however looking at what I want to do as far as moving forward in a more healthy motion. This includes and encompasses my whole self…mind, body, spirit and soul.

For the longest time I have been the type of person who has always looked at what I can do for others as a measuring device of worth. It doesn’t mean I have been a slave to the world’s opinions of me, but if I am to be honest, I rely heavily on validation to make me feel successful, wanted, needed…worthy.

This I see not as a weakness, but as a part of me that makes me who I am. I am in no better place than when I am “needed” I do well in circumstances where I am running on fumes, pushing through and making it just in time. That was until this year…the end of this year it became crystal clear to me that I have evolved.

So, as any person who truly wants to adapt to a new environment, certain changes must occur. I cannot and will not see these changes as failures, losses or anything more than bright shining examples of how I have changed the way I look at life.

There is a certain peace that is gained by refocusing what you see and how you choose to view things. I am going to be the change I want to see. The difference this time compared to all the other times? I want it this time…so badly I can taste it.

Something changed in my brain as the year came to a close. I had gotten to the end and I had nothing…I had used up all my Ju-Ju, spent my self, had absolutely nothing left to draw from and somehow blindly reached around myself and instead of usual panic and fear I normally wrap myself in at the nothingness….There was a sweet feeling of relief. I laid my head back and laughed. Finally, there is nothing, I am empty… it clicked, I actually heard and felt the light bulb go DING!

I had a clean slate.

Letting go is not necessarily to lose something….these things in my life are not running away from me like a pup who’s leash I have let get stripped away from me. I am letting go to set things free….thus opening my hands to receive. I am releasing things I have taken as far as I can take them to the universe…and I am outstretching my arms to welcome the change that will come from allowing myself to “Let Go!”

I don’t want to chase my yesterday’s down…they are exactly where they need to be, in the past. I want to free fall into what lies ahead. I hope each of you have something beautiful in store for you in the next year. My wish for you all is that you find the courage to pursue it. As for me, I am full of excitement over my ability to end the sentence with a period, turn the page, and start a new chapter.

God’s speed to you all.

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Never say good-bye because good-bye means going away, and going away means forgetting. ~ Peter Pan


Sorry to have been away so long…For the half dozen or so that read these, I’ve missed you too! haha! No, seriously, it has been shoots and ladders in the Santa making world. I am happy to say that today (TRUMPETS BLARING) is the last day in the shop for Mom and I. We are delivering the last two Santas tomorrow to a dear friend in Raleigh and the year as we know it has come to an end.

It absolutely blows my mind that this is the end of another season and yet the beginning of year five. That’s crazy to me that time flies by so quickly. Ansley starts school next Fall and when we began this journey in Donna’s basement she was small enough to sit in a leaned back highchair and watch, she would make funny baby sounds as we talked in that silly baby talk back to her as we worked…more importantly she would take naps, something that is non-existent now. Now, all she ever wants to do is “help”…bless her. But I wouldn’t change a minute of it. She’s gotten as much out of these last four years, if not more, than any of us.

Funny thing about time…I was reminded this week about how time is a fair weather friend, a constant companion, and a dark secret that hides under the covers. We use time to get away from things, work things out, set our pace, measure our progress and often to forget. But time isn’t completely magical, there’s a clause in in…that clause is memory.

I received a call on Sunday that jolted me back to a place that I had long forgotten. The awful, painful, heart breaking year of Firsts. To you the reader, you may…or may not know the year of Firsts, but sadly each of us will experience them and they can be the hardest of them all. It is the first second, minute, hour, day, month….year without someone you love.

It was amazing to me how quickly I recognized this sound in this young lady’s voice. She had lost her Father earlier this year to colon cancer. I was in the process of creating a Memory Santa for her and her siblings to give to their Mother this year as a tribute to their late Father. Oh how I felt her pain, it was like swallowing down a hard lump for me because in that very moment I was taken back to how much I missed Daddy. Even though it has been many years since he left us, it could have just as easily have been yesterday, that’s how fresh the pain felt all over again.

I’ve not been able to shake the remembrance since we spoke…if anything it has opened my eyes, my senses, my heart to the realization that as we go about our day to day prepping for the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year” and to so many out there, it is anything but.

I think in my case, well….I know for certain in my case, I had to stop dreading Christmas…it was hard for me for many years to “fake it” for the world at large. Eric could tell though…he would let me take those extra long showers and cry my brains out in private so our son wouldn’t wonder why Mommy was so sad at Christmas. I had to learn to love Christmas again for James and Ansley, it was still magic to them.

Donna always knew…even today we can look at each other across a room full of people and it becomes just the two of us and the empty space that is Daddy….Over the years though you compartmentalize, repress and move a wee bit past the rawness of it. Like tracing the path of a surgery scar on your body with your finger. Wistfully thinking of how painful the injury, how deep the wound, how long the healing took, the numbness that lingered for such a long time until slowly…ever so slowly the feeling came back.

That is where this girl’s voice took me….that’s where I still am this morning, left in the thoughts of Daddy.

So as we, you and I and all of us….continue the hustle and bustle for the next 200 hours or so until Christmas, please say a prayer for those children that are afraid of losing their Daddy…losing their Santa’s. All those parents holding their children’s hands hoping that they will make it to see Christmas, all of those out there stroking their Mother’s hair thinking back on memories of making cookies in Christmas pasts…The heart breaking fear in the heart a spouse…kissing their lovers foreheads dreaming of all the Christmas’s that were dreamed of to come…Take a moment to pray today, tomorrow and every day from here until Christmas for all of those out there who’s gift this year will be time.

Thank you young lady…Thank you of reminding me that the First Christmas without them is the hardest. My deepest thoughts and prayers are with you and your Family and all of the others out there facing their own Firsts. God Bless and keep you.

~ Kimberly



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“The fall of a leaf is a whisper to the living” ~ Russian Proverb

leaf (1)

It’s starting to be my favorite time of year. Autumn. Of course I can barely breathe, but such a small sacrifice to witness the actual beauty of a North Carolina Fall. The leaves start their fabulous transitions and each blustery day let’s us know it’s time to pull out the sweaters and maybe layer up, it reminds me of just how time goes along. Softly. Quietly. Without any of us really taking note. Children get older and as my favorite girl Stevie sings…I’m getting older too.

This past week I came to the close of market. It was exciting and beautiful as well as challenging and hopeful. I am still holding out that the bids on our “Fight the Good Fight” will increase…So I will continue to promote it until November 27th. You can still find the information at www.sanssoucisisters.com on the Santa link…and MeMe’s story as well.

I also got to see humanity at work this week. It’s a rare and beautiful occurrence that doesn’t happen right in front of you very often. To be able to witness it though is magical. James has had the same tutor for well over two years now. This wonderful wise woman that has taught children for years and years took a chance on my “young one” she said because God had told her to.

We met by happen stance waiting in line at a computer repair place. I had been pushed to my wits end over James’s dyslexia and trying to get the school to move at the pace I needed them to move… (Those of you who know me know I have the patience of a gnat) But anyway…we began to talk…(Those of you who know me know I can talk to a brick wall). She was an Orton Gillingham tutor, but only taught older children. She was lovely and she gave me the number of some people to call.

Orton Gillingham is specialized training for children with Dyslexia. It focuses on teaching through the senses. At this point, I was willing to do whatever it took, and happy to have a lead. So…I went about my merry way with every intention to call her referrals on Monday. However, quiet unexpectedly this wise older woman called me on Saturday and said very clearly and with fact, that she hadn’t been able to get me off of her mind…She had been praying for God to make teaching exciting again…and God told her to teach James. My James…she thought our meeting was serendipity.

So….we did, because who argues with God? God is so good. We just have to follow the bread crumbs of life he leaves us. My boy went from barely being able to read in second grade to last year in third having all A’s and B’s and that was after I convinced them not to hold him back in second…to give us…to give her….a chance. Now in fourth we are at grade level. She did something wonderful for us, she tapped into a part of his brain that wanted so desperately to read, and she showed him how.

So, for the past couple of years my hyper jumping bean of a boy…and this wise old woman with a stern voice and an icy glare if he dawdles too much have tutored two times a week….all through summer….slowly but surely forging a kinship of the old and young. It is an odd pairing of two people so very happy to have found one another. He began a new chapter in her life. She now teaches children young and old. She volunteered for the Augustine Project to go into public schools because she found such joy in it. James however has always from day one had her heart…and that proved to be a very good thing.

Last Tuesday, a few minutes into their session, this wonderful light in our lives suffered a stroke. Right in front of Moon Pie…He knew immediately something was wrong…first asking her if she needed water…then asking her if he needed to go get help…He tore out of her office and ran to get my Mother who THANKFULLY was in the shop working on Santas. Mom followed behind James…increasing her speed as he looked at her in urgency and said…”You really need to run Ma-maw Pat!” My mother called 911 and immediately ask to pray…on her knees they thanked God for the healing and the blessing all ready agreed upon right then…right there.

The ambulance came and thankfully, they got to her in time. James watched carefully after her dog and constant companion…He and Eric took the dog to her home. And from conversations with her over the past week, she seems to be recovering slowly but surely. I will say I have witnessed total strangers…other mothers, teachers and friends band together to take care of this woman who has no family here. We alerted her children across the country, we loved on her dog and we have visited her with balloons and cards..oh, and a pack of her favorite gum. James insisted.

I say all of this to make a point….believe it or not…lol. God always, always always has a plan. What he puts in place today to save one person….may only be a step in that person saving you. Time does flow by like a river flowing down stream….but in the beauty of Fall…a leaf may fall into that stream…it’s destination yet unseen.

Take time to cherish the moments, but make sure you don’t forget to live for the tomorrows. God has us in his great big story book…and the best thing about being a believer is we all know we will live happily ever after.


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“Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it.” ― L.M. Montgomery, The Story Girl

227869_481919735163592_1202864989_nPeople often wonder why we put so many red birds on our Santas….started a long time ago when we first started making Santas. The red bird is symbolic, it means you remember a special time, or place, or person in your life with love.

To dream of red bird means is a sign from God meaning peace, love, grace… just that everything is going to be alright.

It is especially difficult for me to see the approach of Christmas. It without fail reminds me of the departure of my Father.

However the season is going, I still without intent, feel a certain loss as the last days of his life approach and carry through over Christmas. I believe that no matter what time he left us, the loss of his presence, the emptiness of the room, the silence that is all around me because now after almost eight years it is hard to resurrect his voice without sitting in silence and calming my mind.

Today is a day that my thoughts are with others. Today is a day that my heart is heavy with empathy and sympathy for the parents of a young girl who left too soon in life. I prayed for you this morning. I will pray for you through out the day. We all may be our own individual creations, but we all share in the common denominator of loss.

So for everyone out there, bracing themselves for whatever day that comes along that shakes your foundations and takes your breath away….remember what you can that makes you smile. Wrap your arms around yourself and hug your heart for them. Close your eyes and rest your soul and slow your heart in the silence and you can hear them…there in the stillness. I personally go upstairs, sit down, take a deep breath….pull out the box that holds the bottle of green skin bracer aftershave and smell him.

However you can, whatever gets you through, know they are with you.







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“It is more blessed to give than to receive. (Acts 20:35)”

This is the most touching email I have ever received in my life. It was in response to the last two post I wrote in September about my desire to raise awareness for Cancer…

It simultaneously brought tears to my eyes and made my heart sing. A beautiful blend of empathy and sorrow…joy and pride.

I think “Big D” would have been very proud of what we do….



“I got a chance to read your blog posts and I couldn’t help but send you a note. The words you said about me and my family were truly amazing. They brought tears to my eyes. The entire post was amazing and truly heartfelt. The way you speak about this awful disease it’s easy to see how much you truly do care! I thank God for putting us in contact because your talent is obvious in your Santa’s, but the love that you will put into this project will put it over the top! I’m so excited to see the final project. I really wish I had enough words to express how truly grateful I am for you and your talents! It is such a blessing to get to have this in our lives! This truly does mean the world to me!  Thank you again!”

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79 Days till Christmas Boys and Girls!


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“There is a road, no simple highway, between the dawn and the dark of night, and if you go, no one may follow, that path is for your steps alone” ~ Jerry Garcia



This one just makes me smile…lifts my spirit and my heart.

Brothers and Sisters ~ http://youtu.be/3gwb005_5EA

Jerry covers one of Dylan’s Best ~ Great Stress reliever…you can’t help yourself from breathing better, slower…swaying and smiling.

Simple Twist of Fate ~ http://youtu.be/_s40h75tcgM

Sometimes when I’m really tired and I feel as if I am being pulled in 100 different directions, I know that I am old. Not chronologically old, but spiritually tapped. Some times in sentences like that you think I am going down the road of religion, I do that often so I can see why it would be easy to think that…But this is the essence of me…the inner light, the part of you that could close your eyes, move your body and just be free…If you have never let yourself be absorbed by a moment of music that lifts you up and out of everything that weighs you down….you have no idea what I am speaking of…and that’s okay, really. But many of you do.

I am aware that it is 8 a.m. and no, I’m not losing my mind…actually quite the contrary. I’ve started getting up with Eric at the nasty disgusting dark time of 5 a.m. and taking a walk. Just me and my dog Boomer. It’s before sun up and all is still under the sleepy blanket of night, all is quiet, and the street lights cast an almost mystical glow on the road…other than every pole, bush, rock and fence Boomer has to inspect and promptly pee on, it is just me, my thoughts and my dog.

There is nothing to keep my mind from loosening up some gears I have let get corroded as of late. Bogged down in my self imposed inability to let my mind just stop for a moment…listen for the music. This week I have rediscovered Jerry…and it was SUCH an Aha Moment…I felt so silly for letting age, children, marriage and reality make me forget the magic healing powers of Jerry.

For me, Jerry was such a special person in a time of my life where I was becoming someone new…an adult version of a young girl…so lost and confused and bitter and angry that the world wasn’t presenting itself quite the way I felt it should. My first introduction that people were flawed and bills are due. Love wasn’t about Fairy Tales and people weren’t invincible. I wasn’t entitled to anything other than my opinion and I didn’t at that time in my life even possess enough of my own money to write the check to own my opinions.

Jerry didn’t care, he was always happy to sit with me a spell…Bobby sang to me in ways that made me feel like it was okay to have pain…Mickey sparked started my body with his drums much like jumper cables start up a dead engine, and Phil just made me feel like it was okay to be broken…we all are broken in one way or another. It was okay to dance in a circle with the twirlers, or flat foot to the point of where Annie would be proud…They would lift you up to the Heavens…and then gentle place you on a cloud.

So as I walked in the pre-dawn morning listening to some of my favs…I just want to say…the gears are moving a bit better…and the flow is flowing a bit smoother….Some days are hard, but that is Life…The bills still have to be paid, people are still flawed, love is the Fairy Tale you make it, and people you love dearly will leave you…and you will miss them terribly…no one though is invincible. And even though I’m old enough to own my own opinions…maturity is learning when, where and why to express them.

Let me leave you with one last thought…Remembering your ability to twirl does wonders for your over all disposition! Thanks yet again Jerry!




Just for Giggles and the memories of the poster on my bedroom wall in my Freshman dorm room…


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“One of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart that you can’t utter.” – James Earl Jones

As the end of September approaches, I feel the pressure mounting to be prepared for market. To make beautiful Santas that will be eye catching and hopefully a piece of beautiful art that someone would want to buy. That is of course the reason as an artist, and business person why you try your best to make something appeasing…so the consumer will be attracted to it, have to have it and buys it…commerce in action.

I am however distracted, not off course though, about the creation of this “Fight the Good Fight” Santa Mom and I are working on…I sent Donna a Facebook link to the first blog I wrote about this, and I cannot help but want to produce a follow up to that. I cannot tell you why this seems….feels necessary, but I know it does. I over heard someone say at a family function that if God tells you something at least three times…then you have to listen, you have to do it…it is as obvious as the nose on my face I am well past three times.

memeThis light went out too soon. She was studying to be a nurse. She had hopes and dreams and things she wanted to accomplish in life. Like all young people she hadn’t fulfilled those dreams yet, and the ability to have that life, that plan, those goals were sidelined because of a horrible thief called Cancer.

I watched one day while she was hanging out at Donnas’ house with her friends and my niece Victoria…you never, ever got the sense from MeMe that she had given up one little bit that she was going to win. Every time it came back, every time in order to survive she had to sacrifice a piece of her body…she never once sacrificed a piece of her soul to Cancer.

As if one young life in one small town wasn’t enough to lose…the small highschool near and dear to my heart, Starmount, lost another bright shining light just this past January.

AustinAustin Macemore was just 19 when he fought and lost his second battle with Cancer. He overcame it as a child with such bravery…It returned with a vengeance and took his remarkable life in the end.

Never before have I read such an out pouring of love and support for this incredible force of nature nick named “Rocketman”. Austin MacemoreI went back and read through his updates, his tribute and his journey and it broke my heart…but restored my faith that through it all, through all the pain and suffering…he never once compromised who he was to his family, friends and especially to God.

I wish I could tell you a specific reason that this has been on my mind lately. I think it’s because I’ve looked around and I see Cancer effecting so many people I know, so many people I care about, so many lives that are being turned upside down by this disease. I just can’t get it off my mind.

Family members I grew up with, People I went to High School with…People I have worked with…. Friends that I have shared life with..Husbands who just started new lives with wives who adore them….Mother’s who are now having to spend the time they should be rocking grandbabies hoping to survive another round of radiation and chemo.

Son’s who have to brace themselves for their first Christmas without their Father. Trying to hold it together so they can be a rock for their Mother and sisters…and wanted a Memory Santa to honor them.

“ This August marked 25 years of marriage for my parents: however my father passed away in March after fighting a long three year battle with stage four colon cancer. I recall at a very young age going out shopping with my father and getting the Santas in which my mother loves so much. Every year we would go around to different stores to find the perfect one. This year it will be very difficult to have a Christmas with out my dad and without someone to go find the perfect Santa.”

daffodil_day_grow_hopeIt’s every where…and its heart breaking. I gave you two examples, of two precious young people who lost their battle in my home town…multiply that by the hundreds, by the thousands of home towns across America…it’s everywhere.

This is not a post about market, or trying to sell Santas….my work on that will resume after this post. I had to….HAD to …say it at least one more time…we can’t cure this disease alone, but we can try, together to make a difference. Every small step forward is one step closer.

I am hoping to finish up our “Fight the Good Fight Santa” the first week of October so I can start showing pictures. But even if this is not where you send your donations for Cancer research, please consider sending it somewhere.

Bidding on the ‘Fight the Good Fight” Santa begins on October 19th, 2013 and will run through November 27th, 2013 at Midnight. It will be on display at ZAAR Design Center in High Point through out the High Point Furniture Market from October 19th thru the 24th.

I will PROUDLY announce the recipient and winning bid on November 28th, Thanksgiving Day on my blog…Thanksgiving Day just felt right. I believe it to be an appropriate day and meaningful way to say how Thankful we were for the time that God let us share in the beautiful lives of those we have lost to this horrible disease.

Sans Souci Sisters, LLC will donate 20% of all proceeds of the bidding for the “Fight the Good Fight” Santa to MeMe Browns “Fight like a Girl Scholarship Fund”

Donations to the scholarship can also be made to First Citizens Bank in Boonville, NC.

Mailing address is: Meme McKensie Brown Fight Like A Girl Scholarship Fund c/o First Citizens Bank, PO Box 219, Boonville, NC 27011.



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“Sometimes, the Lord just takes blessed people because they’ve filled their purpose early. Everyone plays their own song. They sing their story to the world and leave behind a melody of memories. Sometimes… their song is cut short and ends too early. But that doesn’t mean their music was any less sweet or that they left any less of an impression.” ― Linda Kage, The Stillburrow Crush

gallery_pink_gallery October is coming again, and with it the hustle and bustle of getting ready for the High Point Furniture Market starting October 19th and running through October 24th.

We are still in love with our new digs at ZAAR Design Center, and truly feel like it’s home for us, not just a place we show our Santas.

This year I decided to mark the passing of a special young lady with something that I hope will draw attention to a very worth while cause, Cancer. I know October is dedicated to breast cancer, but there is no word that can be placed in front of the word “Cancer” that makes any of it less vile and ugly.

It effects so many people lives, young and old….boy or girl. Just this past month we received a beautiful letter from a man inquiring about our Santas. He wanted us to custom make a Santa for his mother, to give to her for Christmas this year. He described with such love how each year he had such fond memories as a boy of going with his father to buy his mother a Santa for her collection. This year that Santa will have a dark blue ribbon pinned lovingly to his coat representing the horrible disease that stole his Father away from them, Colon Cancer. I am touched, honored and humbled to be making this Santa for them. I know it will not make it less painful, but I hope it gives them some comfort.

This year the absence of many will be felt at the Holidays. Below is a picture of my niece Victoria and her dear friend MeMe. October is particularly hard on MeMe’s family because last year in October she lost her brave fight with ovarian cancer. MeMe was only 21.

During the market I remember Donna jumping each time the phone rang wondering if this were to be “the call” that let her know MeMe was finally at peace. On October 15th, she flew away to Heaven. She fought harder, longer and stronger than anyone I have ever witnessed. The beauty of MeMe was she rarely ever stopped smiling.


I can’t imagine the pain that these parents must have experienced saying goodbye. All I can hope and pray is they found some comfort in the fact that she no longer suffered. The hole that a loss like these stories hold for me is something I can relate to with losing Dad. It’s a pain that never goes away it just over times turns into a dull ache…a longing to hear them, touch them, smell them one more time.

Cancer is evil and has no preference on who it attacks, where it attacks and the havoc it causes. I know that there are tireless efforts out there to find a cure, but we aren’t there yet. It can take who we love away, but it can’t take the love we had for them away…that endures forever, long past the pain, long past the sorrow…the joy of who we loved and how they lived will never die.

This October I will be displaying a Santa created especially for those we have lost, their bright shining lights, their smiles, their laughter, their courage, their memories. A pink Santa for the cure.

It will be on display at ZAAR Design Center and then available for bidding until November 27th, 2013 at midnight. We will then give 20% of the proceeds to MeMe Brown “Fight Like a Girl” Scholarship fund.

The Meme Brown “Fight Like a Girl” Scholarship will be awarded in the Spring of 2014 to a Starmount High School Student. The High School that MeMe attended, as well as myself although that was a very long time ago! :) . It is a fund near and dear to me, and it is appropriate that it honors such a courageous girl that had a smile that could light up even the darkest room…even in her darkest hours.



I am hoping that the joy of Santa will over come the common denominator of pain and loss and will bring us together in an attempt to give money to this worthwhile cause. For more information please email us at sanssoucisisters@yahoo.com.

Donations to the scholarship can also be made to First Citizens Bank in Boonville, NC. Mailing address is: Meme McKensie Brown Fight Like A Girl Scholarship Fund c/o First Citizens Bank, PO Box 219, Boonville, NC 27011.



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